About Us

The Marquette Neighborhood Association (MNA) was formed on May 24, 1968 with an elected board and a paid membership to promote the general economic and social well-being of the Marquette Neighborhood, an area located a half-mile from the city center of Madison, Wisconsin. In 2013 the American Planning Association designated Marquette one of the top ten great neighborhoods.


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Mission Statement

MNA’s mission is to improve the neighborhood through citizen involvement and participation utilizing all appropriate means including:

  • Foreseeing and calling attention to emerging trends and problems before they reach crisis proportions.
  • Serving as the neighborhood’s voice for those policies and programs that improve the health, safety and well being of the neighborhood, for both its residents and the community as a whole;
  • Providing means for widespread study and discussion of all pertinent issues and questions.
  • Educating citizens, members and non-members, in the processes, problems and potentials relating to the neighborhood’s development and the importance of preserving the neighborhoods rich history going back over 150 years.
  • Fostering neighborhood interest and participation in community issues.
  • Generating and sustaining a spirit of neighborhood and community among area residents.
  • Recognizing the special relationship between the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center and MNA and encouraging participation and financial support of the important programs the Center provides, including after school programs, food pantry, health classes, and educational programs.