Jenifer Street Reconstruction, 2015-2016

MNA Board recommendations (1/21/16)

MNA traffic committee recommendations (1/19/16)

Please also see the final report prepared by Urban Assets, LLC.

To the hundreds of neighbors who have participated in our Neighborhood Engagement Process – THANK YOU! Your time and valuable feedback is so appreciated.

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Public Information meeting #3 was held on Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 6:30 pm at the Wilmar Center.

City of Madison Engineering Presentations


Reports & Notes


Past MNA Announcements

  • 1/4/16 Preserving Canopy Trees: Partial-undergrounding of powerlines on Jenifer St., upcoming MNA board vote
  • 12/2/15 Report: 2nd Jenifer St Reconstruction Neighborhood Meeting



The city of Madison was planning to reconstruct Jenifer Street beginning in 2015. The project begins at the corner of Spaight St. and Jenifer St. and extends down Jenifer St. to Few St. It also includes side streets: S. Paterson from Willy St. to Spaight St.; S. Brearly St. from Willy St. to Jenifer St.; and S. Few St. from Willy St. to Spaight St.

A street reconstruction is an all encompassing project. Vibrations from heavy machinery affect the foundation of our historic, older homes and the mature trees in the terrace. The entire street is torn up and replaced, affecting sewage and utilities.

Reconstruction presents an important opportunity to consider what we want for the Jenifer Street corridor. Projects on this level only happen once every 30-50 years, so what we end up with will be in place for many years to come.

City of Madison Engineering Dept. presented what it planned for the street during 2 neighborhood meetings in January of 2015. Those presentations can be viewed here.

Topics that the City addressed were:

  • narrowing Jenifer St. by 2 feet
  • installing curb bump-outs at key intersections to facilitate pedestrian crossing
  • utility replacement including storm, sanitary, and water main
  • potential bus stop removal and changes (issue has been resolved – stops will remain)
  • tree removals

MNA and many neighbors who attended these meetings voiced several concerns about the project:

  • vibrations impact on foundation of older homes in our historic district
  • sidewalk bump outs
  • balancing Madison Metro’s need for efficiency with neighbor’s desire for traffic calming

MNA and neighbors were hoping the City would provide a larger vision for what Jenifer Street could be. This is our chance to make changes that will last well into the future. Considerations for innovative storm water technology is just one example.

Given neighbors’ concern around historic home foundation shifting/cracking and the interest in more innovative options for the reconstruction, MNA worked with Alder Marsha Rummel to delay the project until 2016. The City agreed to this recommendation.

Neighborhood Facilitated Meetings

MNA has raised funds to pay for a consultant to facilitate strategic and productive conversation around our vision for Jenifer Street and our concern for our historic homes. Topics that will be discussed during these neighborhood meetings include, but are note limited to:

  • vibrations and home foundations
  • bus service and locations
  • bump outs
  • width of street/intersections
  • sustainability features i.e porous surfaces, stormwater, larger trees for shade/cooling
  • stop signs/traffic calming (scott langer forwarded a good site for better
  • speed limit
  • alternate bus route during reconstruction
  • bike boulevards
  • overhead wires and trees and how best to maximize canopy

What you can do

This neighborhood conversation will be evolving and progressing over the next several months. There will be several ways for neighbors to get involved if they are concerned about this issue:

  1. Come to a meeting – 2 meetings will be held to generate the vision for Jenifer St. Stay tuned for those meeting dates.
  2. Write MNA Board and Alder Marsha Rummel – If you have further concerns to discuss about this project, don’t hesitate to contact MNA and/or our alder.

Please check back often for updates. For more information or if you have questions, email For forestry-related questions please contact Dean Kahl with City Forestry at 266-4891,