Cottonwood Stage, June 10 and 11, 2016

The Cottonwood Stage (50 yards east of the main stage)

Saturday, June 10th

11:45 — Willy Street Chamber Players — encore performance ,see Main Stage info for bio

1:00 — Bluegrass Jam with Sortin the Mail — see Main Stage info for band bio

2:30 — David Landau — “Storytelling and performing children’s music are two of my passions and talents. I travel to elementary schools, preschools, and libraries to perform musical programs that are educational, entertaining, and motivating. While music is my passion, my love is teaching. For 11 years I taught first grade in Verona, Wisconsin. My programs are an extension of my favorite part of teaching, which is helping children understand themselves and the world around them.”

3:00 Sortin the Mail— Bluegrass music that’s raw, honest and at times slightly risque. Motto: Keepin’ the “ass” in “Bluegrass” since 2012 –with:  Bobby Batyko, Lonesome Willie Jones, Brad Astor, Rin Q. Ribble, and newest member Matt Amati . The band is in a regular rotation at Madison’s Alchemy Bar over at Schenk’s Corners.

4:15 — Josh Harty — encore performance , see Main Stage info for bio

5:45 —  Fareed Haque — In a Jazz configuration. See Main Stage info for bio


Sunday, June 11th

12:00 —  Old Time Jam with No Name String Band--The No Name String Band music collective distills the heart of old time fiddle music, jazz/funk improvisation, latin rhythms – with a dram of classical discipline – into their uniquely new time sound. The NNSB spins their own groove on light-footed and hard-driving barn dance tunes of the American south, while slowing down to explore more introspective original compositions.

1:30 —  Frogwater — Frogwater from Milwaukee is the acoustic musical pairing of John and Susan Nicholson. Renowned for their musical virtuosity and exuberant live performances, they like to think of themselves as musical ambassadors, and describe their style as “eclectic acoustic peoples’ music”. Their repertoire spans from Celtic to Delta Blues, Classical to Pop with a healthy dose of unique, original material filling out the mix. Their innovative interpretations of traditional tunes span the centuries and the miles and defy categorization.

3:00 — Golpe Tierra — The irresistible acoustic groove of Golpe Tierra, which in Spanish means “beating the earth,” bases its sound on just that philosophy.  When we all come together to beat the earth with our feet and hands we are truly celebrating the act of community.  Nick Moran, Juan Tomas Martinez, Tony Barba and Richard Hildner make up this guerrilla-style ensemble employing the traditional Afro-Peruvian guitar-bass-cajón set-up and embark on a musical journey throughout Latin-America flirting with shades of soul, blues and jazz, playing original and traditional music that is sure to get you out of your seat to dance.

4:30 — Devil in a Woodpile — Hometown: Chicago, IL.  For years, the free, unamplified, middle-of-the-room Devil in a Woodpile residency at the Hideout in Chicago was a civic treasure.  A coupla sets of rowdy, bawdy, grooving, swinging ROOTS music played the way it was meant to heard—unplugged and part of a neighborhood bar party.  It made Tuesdays THE night to look forward to. If you didn’t find yourself whaling out heckles, daring them to play everything from Son House to The Zep and stomping your feet, well, quite frankly, there was probably something wrong with you. Devil in a Woodpile, they play blues. They also play country. Ragtime. Hot Jazz. Hillbilly. It’s all the same to them. It’s all taken from the same deep, muddy well called American Music.

6:00 —  Les Poules à Colin — encore performance, see Main Stage info for bio.