The Traffic Committee discusses issues in the neighborhood related to traffic and transportation. They discuss and propose solutions to long term and short term issues in the neighborhood.

The Traffic Committee holds its monthly meeting at the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center on the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m.


8 June 2018_The geometry for the redesign of the John Nolen/Willy/Blair intersection continues to make its way through the City’s approval process. The MNA Board has requested significant alterations to the plan that would increase the safety and usability of the intersection for all modes of traffic, not just automobiles.

16 April 2018_ Special Meeting, Monday, April 23rd, Wil-Mar (Pink Room) at 5:30pm. The improvement plan for the Wilson/Williamson/Blair/John Nolen intersection is moving through the city process. Our committee is involved in championing a handful of changes to the design that will better align with Isthmus 2020 and other critical city and neighborhood planning documents.

February 2018__Thank you to everyone who signed the petition asking the City of Madison to take a holistic look at the Winnebago/Riverside intersection. We had over 200 people express support for well-considered improvements to safety, ped/bike/auto co-existence and stormwater management. We have learned that they city has postponed work on this intersection until 2019.







THE NEXT Regular MEETING WILL BE ON MONDAY, June 11th, at the WIL-MAR CENTER, 5:30 pm.

Agenda Topics:

  1. Update on John Nolen/Willy/Blair intersection
  • Planning for the June 29th Common Council Meeting
  • Study of timing of pedestrian lights
  • Including illegal right turn onto Jenifer in the design
  1. Follow-up on letter sent to Mayor asking for improved corridor planning
  2. Discussion about the new Transportation Director, Tom Lynch, who starts on June 21st.  How can we be effective?
  3. Discussion about action required in regard to the rash of traffic incidents on Willy Street in the last month.
  4. Recruiting new committee members

MNA Interior Streets Plan February 2015

Info on Parking, Safety and Buses


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