Candidate Statments 2018

2018 Candidate Statements



Katherine Davey


Greetings! In the eleven years my family has lived in the Marquette Neighborhood, we’ve been so appreciative of the many ways MNA enhances the quality of life here. From neighborhood improvements like public art and community gardens, to the essential role it plays in ensuring new development is in keeping with community needs, MNA has contributed greatly to the vitality of our neighborhood. I enjoyed working on the fringes of some of MNA’s efforts over the years, serving on the organizing teams for projects like Eastside Express, Orton Park Festival and the Dandelion Dash.


I have served on the board for one term, chairing the fundraising and festivals committee for the last two years. Much of my board time has gone toward putting a new coordinating team in place for Waterfront, and building relationships with potential festival sponsors and supporters. Our team faced many challenges this year (a big uptick in the number of competing events, bad weather and flood logistics…), but managed to deliver the highest grossing festival season yet.


I’m running again to build on all I’ve learned from two years working with incredibly thoughtful board and committee members. It’s been a surprising amount of work, but so meaningful to be part of a team that’s willing to dive right into the many changes and challenges facing the community.


My background is in project management, strategic communications, and fundraising. I would be happy to continue chairing the fundraising and festivals committee, but am open to other roles as well.



Jack Kear


Hello Marquette! I’ve been on the board for five years and I am interested in doing another term. During the time I have served as chair of Green Spaces and now I am co-chair of Preservation & Development.


Green Spaces issues I have worked on include:

*launching a Safe Trails project to add food carts behind Mickey’s Tavern to enliven the bike path at night

*providing self-defense classes at no charge to women in the neighborhood in collaboration with the Rape Crisis Center

*collaborating with Madison Bikes to address bike path safety concerns to our alder and the City

*cleaning up the “bench garden” at Eastwood and Division with ongoing maintenance from the Krupp landscaping team

(continued. . .)

*securing and funding treatment for emerald ash borer in Yahara Place Park, along the Yahara, and in BB Clarke

*introducing reusable cups to Waterfront and Orton Park Festivals to reduce our waste output

*coordinating two clean-ups of the bike path from Blair St to Thornton Ave and including Willy Street Park

*bringing Sid Boyum sculptures into the new McPike Park at some future point


P&D projects I have worked on include:

*the new Star Liquor, Willy Street Co-op, Working Draft Brewery, State Line Distillery, Giant Jones Brewery, Tangent (at the new Sylvee), Cafe Coda, Alimentari, Grampa’s Pizza, 3 Amigos, Tiny’s Tap, 1/0 Arcade Bar

*city discussions about potential limits on events on the isthmus; discussions on alcohol moratoriums beyond Mayor Soglin’s proposed zone; committee work on making changes to the City’s Comprehensive Plan


Things I would like to work on going forward:

*Ensuring that when storage units at Baldwin are removed that McPike Park gains community garden space and not a parking lot

*A comprehensive plan that improves the east side bike corridor including improvements to the trail itself but also new development relating to that corridor, e.g. trail-facing entryways, effective lighting, maintained green space, etc.

*Ensuring that Williamson Street remains a safe central artery of the neighborhood with improved walkability of a retail district with mixed housing

*Identifying possible co-housing sites similar to the Winnebago development that is upcoming

*Improving public art in the district



Anita Krasno


I am a current board member running for a second term on the MNA Board. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know more of my neighbors, to become more deeply involved with our festivals, schools, and all the things that make our near eastside community such a great place to live, and to try to act as a good steward on behalf of the neighborhood. I hope to continue serving the neighborhood as a board member and working with my amazing neighbors to ensure that Marquette continues to thrive!



Lance Lattimer


Hello MNA Members!


I’ve served on the Board for only two months and am now running for a two-year term.  Although two months seems like a short amount of time, it has been a very crucial period for our neighborhood. MNA has partnered with other groups to form a Flood Prevention Coalition. We will work with city and county leaders to form a unified strategy and implement policies that will better serve our low-lying isthmus and prevent future disaster.


Beyond implementing the many ways we can mitigate flooding, my priorities for the neighborhood are:

–     Slowing auto traffic to ensure we remain a vibrant and safe walking and biking area

–     Saving what we can of the existing tree canopy while ensuring new plantings will provide canopy in the future

–     Improvements to bicycle infrastructure, including:

* more stop signs for cars along the Cap City Trail, fewer stop signs for bicycles

* an improved crossing where the trail meets Williamson St

* a better-designed corridor for bicyclists to get to/from Winnebago

–     Supporting our three local schools with grants


I am available to answer any questions at

Thank you for your vote!



Renee Lauber

I am interested in continuing to serve on the MNA board. I love this neighborhood and am privileged to have lived here for over 20 years. In my four years on the board, I have worked to increase the amount of scholarships for students in need, improve communications via an updated website and direct MNA mailings, fund neighborhood special needs grants and support our amazing festivals.

For the past two years I have served as MNA’s Treasurer working to keep MNA well-organized, transparent and financially responsible. We have a unique and wonderful neighborhood. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to contribute what I can as an MNA board member.



Deven McGlenn

I live in the Marquette neighborhood with my family and have been here for about 10 years. During that time I have been an active part of the community. Everything from fundraising for our schools, being a Scoutmaster for Troop 34, service work for various non profit groups, to pouring beer at the festivals, or doing whatever is needed to help the neighborhood. I also manage a small biotech company located here in Madison. I am passionate about both what I do and where I live – I really do think we are all extremely fortunate to live in the city environment that we do.


I also realize that for this good fortune to continue it requires effort on behalf of us all to make it happen. Thus I would welcome the chance to serve on the MNA Board. While I would be happy to be a part of it in whatever capacity is needed (so long as it includes pouring beer at the festivals!) I think my perspective as a small business person and living in the Marquette Bungalows Historic District suggests that the Preservation and Development Committee would be a good fit. But if there is not a need for that, I could step in where needed. The MNA is an excellent organization and I would welcome the opportunity to be a part of it.