Parking, Safety & Buses – Community Planning Discussions August 31, 6:30 – 9 p.m.

Hosts: Alder Marsha Rummel & Marquette Neighborhood Association

Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1021 Spaight Street, west side entrance, lower level.

There will be several small-group focused discussions and information sharing on the topics of parking, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, bus service, traffic, and quality of life issues, and the impacts on Williamson Street and Jenifer Street businesses and residents, among others.

The intent is to strive toward finding constructive solutions to temporary and long-term problems and to improve the prospects for the neighborhood under the demands we face. Suggestions for issues and topics are welcome.

This is intended to draw the participation of people living and/or who have businesses in the vicinity in order to have an opportunity to speak our thoughts and observations, to listen to those of others, and to have questions addressed.