Partial-undergrounding of powerlines on Jenifer St., upcoming MNA board vote (1/4/16)

There is an initiative coming out of the last Jenifer Street reconstruction meeting to support partial-undergrounding of the powerlines in the reconstruction zone. This would be much cheaper than full undergrounding but still allow preservation and planting of canopy trees in the reconstruction area, otherwise about 1/3 of the canopy trees will be cut down and dinky trees planted. 

    Because the next Jenifer St. reconstruction meeting is before the next MNA board meeting and the City is moving forward with firming up reconstruction plans,  the board will be voting this Sunday (Jan. 10th) by email (an e-vote) as to whether to support the initiative.  If you have an opinion on the topic please contact the board prior to Sunday at:  and let them know your thoughts.

Information on partial-undergrounding on Jenifer St.  is available at a web page created on the topic.

The wording of the motion for the evote will be: “The MNA Board supports the initiative to underground the primary (i.e. high voltage) powerlines in the Jenifer Street reconstruction area with the goal of maintaining the existing canopy trees and allowing for the future planting of canopy trees”.  However, minor amendments to the motion are possible prior to the final vote.