New MNA Committee: Street-Tree Committee

Posted by John Coleman, MNA Board Member and Street-Tree Committee Chair

The Street-Tree Committee of the Marquette Neighborhood Association met for the first time on November 23 at the Wil-Mar Center on Jenifer Street. Neighbors in attendance were: Peter Wolff, John Coleman, Audrey Lesondak, Gary Tipler, Leslie Schroeder, and Anne Walker.

The committee chair and secretary were agreed to by consensus: Chairperson- John Coleman, Secretary- Leslie Schroeder

The agenda for the meeting was to identify projects for the committee to work on. The initial list of ideas was:

  • Street reconstruction impacts on trees
  • Emerald Ash Borer treatment and management
  • Other insect and disease threats to tree
  • Large tree inventory
  • Tree trimming/ cutting around power lines
  • Summer/winter stress reduction
  • Tree preservation during development projects

Discussion followed:
Information from a City meeting earlier in the day regarding the upcoming Jenifer Street Reconstruction area was that there are currently 132 trees in the reconstruction area, 42 of which the city plans to cut down. City staff hope residents will compensate for the loss of canopy by growing large trees in their yards. Committee discussion was that a lack of space will limit tree planting in private yards. Often it’s a choice between either a  garden or a tree. Also, insurance companies discourage homeowners from large trees near homes. It was expressed that it is important to be a part of the City’s decisions on tree removal and selection of replacement trees.

It was agreed to use the Jenifer Street reconstruction as a framework within which to focus on several aspects of tree preservation. The areas that will be covered are:

  • Criteria for tree removal during reconstruction
  • Tree species used in replacement after removal or loss
  • Emerald Ash Borer treatment options and other disease/insect threats
  • Large Tree inventory
  • Minimizing powerline-tree conflicts: undergrounding, wire type options.

Followup items are:

  • Finding out when the Madison Tree Board next meets
  • Investigating treatment options and City policy on Emerald Ash Borer treatment
  • Researching the source and details of MG&E tree trimming policy
  • Combining photographs and descriptions of large trees in the reconstruction area
  • Researching the potential threat from Asian Longhorn Beetle
  • Contacting Sustainable Atwood to gather information on their tree preservation projects

Committee members will attempt to attend the next Jenifer Street reconstruction meeting on December 2nd.
Because of the holidays in late December, the next Street-tree Committee meeting will be December 14th at 5:30 at Wil-Mar.