Work with us on the MNA Board!

At MNA’s annual Member Meeting being held October 15, new Board members will be elected. This year, there will be 5 open spots. MNA Board Members work hard to protect the character and vitality of the neighborhood we all love. Board members do this by leading and supporting MNA’s work on:

  • Preservation & Development: Review and provide a stance on new developments in the neighborhood, provide policy/guidelines on economic development, and push for more affordable housing.
  • Traffic: Discuss and provide solutions for short-term and long-term transportation in our neighborhood, ultimately supporting the walk-ability and bike-ability of our neighborhood.
  • Green Spaces: Provide grants and support to help our neighborhood gardens thrive. Also spearheads art and other projects to beautify the neighborhood.
  • Festivals: Offer the Waterfront Festival and Orton Park Festival to foster neighborhood community and financially support MNA.
  • Values: Organize the Marquette garage sale and contribute scholarships to students and organizations within the neighborhood.
  • Communication: Commute neighborhood happenings, news, and issues that impact Marquette residents.
  • Finance: Keeps MNA’s lights on and running smoothly!

Responsibilities of Board Members include the following. On average, Board members spend 10 hours per month on MNA work.

  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Chair one of our committees
  • Weigh in on issues facing the neighborhood

Joining the MNA Board is one of the best ways to make a significant impact in Marquette. We’d love to work with you! Interested neighbors should write a brief letter of interest that includes:

  • past neighborhood involvements
  • qualifications
  • which of the areas above interest you the most and why (or include other neighborhood issues of interest that aren’t listed)

Letters of Interest must be sent to no later than October 1, 2015.