Dickinson-Thorton Bike Path Clean-Up Update

MNA is spearheading a clean-up of the bike path from Dickinson St. to Thornton Ave. (the section that runs behind Mickey’s Tavern). Initially, nearby residents approached us to apply for improvement grants available through MNA to all Marquette residents interested in such clean-ups. At that time, the interest was in eradicating an overgrown grape vine which seemed to be a home to vermin. City Engineering met with MNA’s Green Spaces Chair Jack Kear and a clean-up was scheduled for July, including:

  • debris removal
  • grubbing and weeding
  • herbicide application
  • mulching/grass seeding

After nearby neighbors expressed concerns about the application of herbicide, MNA’s Green Spaces Committee organized a meeting with neighbors to discuss clean-up goals. Alternative solutions such as goats to remove invasives are now being considered and the project is on hold until interested parties agree to clean-up options. This project is a first step toward deciding a more thoughtful, long-term vision for use of this under-appreciated stretch of public land. Uses discussed so far have been:

  • playground
  • pollinator garden
  • sculpture garden
  • memorial or meditation space
  • multi-use space such as a smaller scale High Line in NYC

Watch for neighborhood meetings on the topic in 2016. To get involved or receive more information, email mnaboard@marquette-neighborhood.org.